Fully-Managed Service

Let our Secuna Infosec Team (SIT) manage your security program from end to end. Your in-house team will only receive valid submissions from our vetted cybersecurity professionals.


Continuous Managed and Optimization of Cybersecurity Testing

Secuna helps you secure your applications by running a continuous and results-driven security program.

Reward Valid Submissions

Our vetted cybersecurity professionals will compete to each other to search and report a valid security vulnerability to your security program, just to get awarded with a bounty for their valid submissions.

Receive Better Results

Let our Secuna Infosec Team (SIT) manage your security program while your team focus on important stuff that really matter. Our SIT will manage and triage every single submission to ensure that your in-house team gets all the info they need to resolve the security vulnerability faster and securely.

How it Works

Work with Secuna in setting up your security program by defining rules and goals, determining the scopes and rewards, and choosing the right visibility of your program.
Invite privately or allow all of them to look for possible security vulnerabilities in your assets and submit all details to your security program.
Secuna Infosec Team (SIT) will manage, assess, validate, and triage all the submissions.
Secuna Infosec Team (SIT) will work closely to your in-house team and vetted cybersecurity professionals to resolve the submitted security vulnerability.
Secuna will award points and bug bounty to vetted cybersecurity professionals who reported a valid and resolved security vulnerability.

Security Programs we offer for this Service

Open Bug Bounty Program (BBP)

Public BBP is posted to the list of our programs and open to our all vetted cybersecurity professionals. The advantage of this program is all kind of skilled cybersecurity professionals will test your assets to find possible security vulnerabilities.

Private Bug Bounty Program (BBP)

Private BBP is an invite-only program and only accessible to few vetted cybersecurity professionals.

Please note that the Bug Bounty Program (BBP) requires you to incentivize the vetted cybersecurity professionals based on the quality of their submissions. Every awarded bug bounty is subjected to additional 20% fee for payment processing.