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We are on a mission to change the world through cybersecurity. If we work together, we can make the internet secure and safer.


Most of the hackers at Secuna are certified and experienced.


All hackers are thoroughly vetted and background checked.


Hacker is someone who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations.

How it works

From creating an account to helping our customer is easy as 1,2,3.


Sign up for an Account

You will need a username and a valid email address. You can remain anonymous with a pseudonym.

Apply for KYC and Get Verified

We only accept KYC-approved to protect our customers. Also, if you would like to be awarded with a bug bounty, you will need to provide your identity to Secuna.

Find and Report Security Vulnerabilities

Read the Program Policy very carefully. It will give you information on how to participate, what are targets you can test, and how much bounties you can earn.

Enjoy the fun and excitement of bug hunting, get recognition for your findings and get rewarded.

All the companies on our platform want to hear from you about potential security vulnerabilities you have found or they might have overlooked. By joining Secuna, you can hack them legally and earn huge bounties depending on the severity level of your finding. Some of our hackers have earned more than their monthly salary.

Secuna Video Explainer


Hacker Success Team

Secuna is an ever-evolving crowdsourced cybersecurity testing platform managed by an experienced cybersecurity team. They are determined to deliver the platform's best support.

Hacking Community Support

Hacking is a fun but tough journey, with an inevitable landscape of new challenges & technologies due to rapid digital transformation. Our hacking communities are here to help every cybersecurity professional level up and sharpen their skillsets.

Hacking Security Programs

We work with different organizations from across the globe, giving you an access to different security programs of all types and the ability to hack legally whenever you want.

Not Just About Money

Aside from earning huge bounties on our platform, you can enhance your skills and learn so much more from other hackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rewards can I get?

There are three main rewards:

Points – The Secuna platform awards you points when you submit a valid security vulnerability depending on the severity level. Using these points, you have a better chance to get invited to our private security programs.

Bug Bounty – It is a financial compensation that you receive from a security program when you submit a valid security vulnerability to their bug bounty program.

Swag - You can also earn Swag from different security programs by reporting a valid security vulnerability.

How and when do I get?

Valid and accepted security vulnerability submitted to a bug bounty program on Secuna will result in a bug bounty payment to your account. After your submission is accepted by the program owner or secuna internal team, your reward will be paid out the following Friday. Note that for us to pay you on time, the program owner will need to send us the bug bounty payment before 12:00am GMT+8 Friday morning.

Secuna currently supports payments via Paypal and Bitcoin. If you have received a bug bounty, kindly make sure to add your PayPal email address in the profile settings.

Have more questions about getting paid? Reach out to [email protected] team for more information.

What are the security levels?

At Secuna, all bugs are assigned a severity level based on the security impact. In order to help you decide which security vulnerabilities should be fixed first, Secuna has the following types of severities:

Critical Severity - 16 points
A vulnerability whose exploitation could allow remote code execution without user interaction. Exploitation likely results in root-level compromise of servers or infrastructure devices.

High Severity - 6 points
A vulnerability whose exploitation could allow access of user’s information without authorization. Exploitation could result in elevated privileges, significant data loss, and/or downtime.

Medium Severity - 4 points
A vulnerability requiring user privileges to be exploited successfully. Using social engineering tactics, exploitation would involve the attacker to manipulate individual victims, live on the same local network as the victim, or set up denial of service assaults. Often only very restricted access is available.

Low Severity - 2 point
Low-range vulnerabilities typically have very little effect on an organization’s business.

None - 0 point
No action or fix is required.

You can also lose points based on the status of your reports and if you spam.

Not Applicable - -4 points
If you reported a false security vulnerability.

Spam - -8 points
If you reported a non-sense security vulnerability.

What are the Rules?

Before you get started, we extremely recommend you to read our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Vulnerability Disclosure Policy to learn what is expected from you. We want to make sure that we're all on the same page before you join Secuna and participate in our security programs.

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