Coordinated Security Vulnerability Disclosure Platform for Startups


A coordinated security vulnerability disclosure platform that enables startup businesses and organisations to directly connect with Cybersecurity Professionals around the world to find and ethically report possible security vulnerabilities.

Trusted Cybersecurity Professional Network

All the cybersecurity professionals on our platform go through a thorough screening procedure to ensure only the best of the lot get to work with you.

Flawless Vulnerability Management

Handling of security vulnerability is now more easier and flawless. Secuna allows program owners to manage security vulnerability on their own.

Continuous Penetration Testing

Outside cybersecurity professionals constantly run tests and discover vulnerabilities in your product while also working to remediate any found issues.

Vulnerability Patch Verification

Right after you deploy a patch, cybersecurity professional can re-test the vulnerability and ask them to bypass it to validate the patch.

Cybersecurity Professional Reputation

Security vulnerability validity, severity and bounty result in hacker reputation going up or down. Only the best rise to the top.

Seamless Bug Bounty Payments

Cybersecurity Professionals loves any method of payment, and we got it all from bank transfer, paypal payment, to bitcoin payment.

Behind the scene

We're on a mission to change the world through cybersecurity

AJ Dumanhug

Founder & CEO

Dondi Imperial

Senior Software Engineer

Jason Te Occidental

Customer Success

Are you the cybersecurity professional these startups need?

You can make a real difference in the fate of the startups you work with. We invite you to work alongside some of the best cybersecurity professionals in the world. You’ll be getting in early and helping us craft the platform. You should expect to only work with responsive startups who take security seriously.

Hack the World!

Our Programs

We offer awesome programs that full fill your needs

Responsible Disclosure Programs

A program offered by companies and organizations by which cybersecurity professionals can receive recognition for reporting a valid security vulnerability.

Bug Bounty Programs

A program offered by companies and organizations by which cybersecurity professionals can receive bug bounty in exchange for severe security vulnerability.

Managed Security Programs

Secuna manages programs offered by companies and organizations.

Private Security Programs

An Invite-Only program offered by companies and organizations.

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